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Web Services Cruiser: FAQ

  • What is the default login for ADMIN?
  • What methods does Web Services Cruiser support?
    Web Services Cruiser supports all HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, and TRACE).
  • When should I use Web Services Cruiser?
    Many cases, here are just some examples:
    • Use it when you are developing web services and want to test them

    • Use it when you want to have all the input files at one centralized place for easy management

    • Use it when you want to monitor web services in production

    • Use it when you want to let your clients or end users to try or test drive your web services.

    • Use it when you want to load testing your web services in just few mouse clicks.

  • Does Web Services Cruiser supports REST web services?
    Absolutely. In fact, Web Services Cruiser is designed to test and monitor REST web services.
  • Is Web Services Cruiser secure?
    Yes. With 128 or 256 bits HTTPS protocal, data can securely exchange between the server and your desptop or laptop PC.
  • What platforms can Web Services Cruiser run?
    Web Services Cruiser runs on any platforms which can run Java 1.2.2 or later, including Windows NT/2000/XP/98, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP UX, etc.
  • How many users can use an instance of Web Services Cruiser at the same time?
    No limit, theoritically. The real constraint is the server's system resource, like memory, CPU, etc.. .