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DB Cruiser: Overview

DB Cruiser is a leading web-based database tool with reporting and bulk data loading functionality.

It provides simple, but, very secure access to all SQL databases, through any of the major Web browsers, in order to execute SQL; to view and manipulate data, including CLOB/TEXT and BLOB/Binary; to generate reports; and, to load bulk data into tables.

How can DB Cruiser help you achieve your business goals? Here’s a quick overview (although you can read more here) below.

  • Web access: Accessible from all major web browsers. No software to install in the desktop PC or laptop - just open a browser and start using it.
  • Universal database support: Any database product with JDBC 2.0 or later version driver is supported. This includes, but is not limited to: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, PostgreSQL, HSQLDB, etc.
  • Low cost, easy maintenance:
    • Save money by buying only one license,
    • Save time by installing only once.
    • Save maintenance cost by maintaining in a single place only
  • Built-in reporting functionality:
    • Generate ad hoc reports in HTML, EXCEL® and PDF quickly.
    • Eesy-to-use report formatter. [screen]
  • Administration: All the connection information can be maintained at one central place. Furthermore, the administrator can monitor all the acitve database connections real-time:
    • View who is connected currently; when they first connected; when the connection was last used; and what databases they connect to. This information is also available to the administrator from a historic perspective.
    • Administrator can disconnect any unwanted active connections.
  • Cross platform support: It runs on any platform which supports Java. This includes, but not limited to, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, etc.


  • Proven reliability and performance: It has been used by many organizations on large databases containing tables with millions of rows that encompass many gigabytes of data.

DB Cruiser is a useful and convenient tool for developers, testers, production support staff, business analysts, technical managers, as well as DBAs.

DB Cruiser is built by using Servlet, JSP, JDBC, HTML, CSS and JavaScript with AJAX technology. No applets are used.