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DB Cruiser: FAQ

  • What makes DB Cruiser special?
    DB Cruiser is a web-based universal database tool. That means you can connect to the database via any web browser and you don't need to install any software in your local PC or laptop.

    DB Cruiser is also a managed database tool. That means, you maintain all the database connection information at one central place. And can monitor all the active database connections, and disconnect any unwanted connections.

    Besides the standard functionalityDB of a SQL database tool, like data manipulating and information exploring, DB Cruiser also has ad hoc reporting capability, as well as data-loading function. We are constantly enhancing these functionalities.

    Most other database tools are desktop applications. That means (remove comma) they need to be installed and configured on each desktop computer before using the utility.

  • How does DB Cruiser save you money?
    Since it's a web application, you need to buy only one license to install it on a server. Then all the people from your project, or, all the people from the whole company, if desired, can access any databases via their web browsers.

    Furthermore, you need to install only once, and maintain it at only one place - greatly reducing the maintenance cost.

  • Is DB Cruiser secure?
    Yes. With 128 or 256 bits HTTPS protocol, data can securely exchange between the server and your desptop or laptop PC.
  • Why do I get "The page cannot be displayed" error?
    It's a well known issue with Internet Explorer. There are many discussions on the internet - click here. Here are some solutions:
    (1) Step-by-step instructions: http://www.tiscali.co.uk/help/broadband/nowebpage.html
    (2) Official instructions: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326155
    (3) Use other web browsers, like, Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla, etc.
  • What SQL database products does DB Cruiser support?
    DB Cruiser supports any relational database products, as long as they have JDBC 2.0 or later drivers, This includes, but is not limited to, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, SQL Server, Informix, PostgreSQL, HSQLDB, etc.
  • What platforms can DB Cruiser run?
    DB Cruiser runs on any platforms which can run Java 1.2.2 or later, including Windows NT/2000/XP/98, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP UX, etc.
  • How many users can use an instance of DB Cruiser at the same time?
    No limit, theoretically. The real constraint is the server's system resource, like memory, CPU, etc.. .