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MathThinking License Handling Policy

All the licenses will be issued by MathThinking to the end users directly.

All licenses, once issued, are neither returnable nor refundable. The end users should download the software, and obtain trial licenses from MathThinking, and evaluate the software before purchasing an enterprise license.

The end users must agree all items in the MathThinking License Agreement, prior to using software by MathThinking. The MathThinking License Agreement can be obtained on MathThinking.com, when downloading the software. It is also contained in the software package downloaded from MathThinking.

The following information is needed for requesting a license, either provided by end users, or by resellers:

Enterprise licenses

  • Licensee. It can be the organization, or the project/department, etc.
  • Organization’s full name and the address.
  • The billing address where the invoice will be sent. Or the fax number to receive the invoice.
  • Licensee’s contact information: Contact person’s first name and last name, email, and phone (optional).
  • IP address of the server where the software will be installed.

License Delivery Policy

All licenses will be delivered electronically.
  1. If the payment is via Purchase Order (PO):
    • Once the Purchase Order is received, a 30 day, fully functioned license will be issued and delivered immediately. An invoice will be sent or faxed within 48 hours, usually.
    • Once the payment is received, a fully functioned license will be issued and delivered.
  2. If the payment is via online, direct deposit or wire, once the payment is completed, the full license will be issued and emailed.
  3. immediately.