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Airport Visualizer 1.0 released. Search/browse airports by regions.

Airport Visualizer beta released. Searching airports all over the world.

GIS Visualizer 0.5 released. Added searching places and airports all over the world.

TFR Visualizer 1.2 released. Added searching places and airports all over the world.

TFR Visualizer 1.1 released. Added new base maps, and the functionality to export map/features as PNG.

TFR Visualizer 1.0 released.

Visual TFR renamed to TFR Visualizer, and beta released.

GIS Visualizer Version 0.4 released, added features drawing and saving.

Visual TFR Version 0.2 and GIS Visualizer Version 0.3 released. They are both now mobile friendly.

Visual TFR Version 0.1 and GIS Visualizer Version 0.2 released.

GIS Visualizer Version 0.1 released.

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Our software products are based on practical needs from enterprise software development, testing and maintenance.

Featured Product: Airport Visualizer

Innovative, map-oriented way to explore airports all over the world on 30+ differrent base maps. It answers questions like:

  • Which small airports in Europe have scheduled flight services? Where are they?
  • How many small and medium airports in USA have at least 3 runways? Where are they?
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