Our Company

As a creative and innovative solutions provider, MathThinking Technologies focuses on developing enterprise software products, and providing high quality IT consulting services to enterprise clients.

We specialize in developing web-based software using cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to produce highly efficient, easy to use, reliable and low cost software products, in order to help enterprises to reduce the cost and save time.

We combine practical and proven development methodologies with expertise in today’s most advanced cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality, high performance enterprise-class IT solutions on time and within budget.

Web GIS using Open Source Technologies

MathThinking is a leader in using open source technologies to develop high-quality, high performance web GIS applications and products at low cost.

In the past decade, we have successfully developed a variety of web GIS applications for enterprise clients, and also developed several highly welcome web GIS products, all using open source technologies. We follow OGC standards (WFS, WMS, etc.).

If your organization is thinking of web GIS applications, be sure to contact us first.