Our Services

If one theme runs true throughout MathThinking's consulting dossier, it is the ability to deliver critical business functionality on time with appropriate technologies. We serve businesses, large and small, in the background and over the Cloud, eliminating the roadblocks, and making the wheels turn.

Our Consultants

MathThinking consultants have a knack for blending into client organizations. Our goal is to leave for home every evening with the satisfaction that we contributed to an improving situation. We are there to make your organization thrive. This attitude goes a long way toward maintaining our welcome.

MathThinking consultants - regardless of the setting - live to be effective.

Our Consultants

Cutting Edge Web Apps

Building web applications with cutting-edge web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/AngularJs, Spring Framework, PostgreSQL/Oracle, etc.


A leader in developing web GIS applications using open source technologies like OpenLayers, Leaflet.js, GeoServer, PostGIS, OGC standards (WFS, WMS), etc.

Custom/Enterprise Apps

Providing top quality, innovative solutions designed to your exact requirements and to allow your organization to operate more efficiently and competitively.