Innovative, map-oriented way to explore 51345 airports all over the world on 30+ base maps. Innovative, map-oriented way to explore 51345 airports.

GIS Visualizer is a free web application for geographic data visualization. With it's intuitive GUI, it provides an easy way to visualize vector data on 40+ base maps and supports most popular vector formats: GeoJSON, GPX, IGC, KML, Shapefile, TopoJSON, WKT, etc.

Especially, it supports the unique POINTS format: just simply a set of points, no any data structure required at all!

Features Highlight
  • Import Vector Data

    There are four ways to import vector data: File, URL, Text, and Drag-and-Drop - simply drag and drop GeoJSON, GPX, IGC, KML, or TopoJSON files on to the map.

  • Export Vector Data

    You can export any vector layers as one of the 4 formats: GeoJSON, KML, WKT and GPX. This functionality can be used as vector format converter.

  • Feature/Layer Styles

    There are 3 ways to style a layer: use the Default style, pick a Random style, or build your own Custom style.

  • Display Feature Attributes

    You can determine to show or not show attributes of a feature when the mouse over it. You can show attributes for up to 15 features simultaneously.

  • Longitude/Latitude, and Elevation

    Get longitude/latitude and elevation (AMSL) at any spot all over the world by mouse clicking at that spot.

  • Integrated with Google Earth

    Click any place on the map all over the world, launch Google Earth (web) at that spot.

  • Search Airports

    Search any airports all over the world, get related information (runways, Wikipedia, etc.), and lauch Google Earth (web) at that airport.

  • Measurement

    Get the length of any objects on the map, route segments, and get the area of any polygons on the map.

  • Drawing on Map

    You can draw up to 7 different shapes easily: Box, Circle, LineString, Point, Polygo, Square, Star. Especially, you can draw circles with given center and radius.

  • Base Maps

    There are over 40 base maps for you to choose, inclding several high quality satellite base maps.

  • Notes on the Map

    You can place notes on the map at the spot you want, and with the color and font size you like.

  • Map Scale

    You can swith between map scale line and scale bar easily.

  • Mouse Position

    You can always see the longitude and latitude at current mouse point on the map. You can switch between decimal degrees (DD) and degrees minutes seconds (DMS) representation, and change the precision of the longitude and latitude.

  • Map Graticule

    Turn map graticule on/off easily so you can locate places on the map quickly and navigate smothly.